What Does a DryWall Installer Do?

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Who is a Drywall Installer?

A Drywall installer is also called a drywall framer or drywall hanger. A drywall installer is a construction expert who measures, marks, and cuts drywall pieces according to design plans and install to fit ceilings and interior walls of buildings.
Drywall, made with heavy material consisting of two layers of paper with gypsum in between, is used to create walls, ceilings, and other architectural features inside homes and buildings. It often requires two persons to lift it against a wall and glue, nail or screw it to a wood or metal building frame. Mechanical lifts are used when drywall is to be installed in ceilings.


What does a Drywall Installer do?

According to the design plans, measure, cut, and fit drywall sheets to the right size for installation on walls and ceilings.
Position and fasten drywall sheets to interior wall studs using nails, glues, or screws.
Cut and install metal corner beads to protect outside corners.
Fill holes, joints, and cracks with compound using a trowel and drywall knife.
Smooth out rough edges and excess compounds so that the wallboards join evenly.
Sand joints and holes to create a smooth and seamless finish.
Identify the exact locations of windows, electrical outlets, air-conditioning units, and plumbing and cut the drywall panel or ceiling tile to fit the precise size needed.
Apply tape and use a sealing compound to cover joints between wallboards and create an even surface.
Apply second and third coats of compound.
Use a mechanical lift to put ceiling panels or stand on scaffolds to reach the work surface.
Put tiles or other shock-absorbing materials on ceilings.

Required Education/Training

There are no formal education requirements for becoming a drywall and ceiling tile installer or taper, but knowledge of high school math and vocational-technical courses are beneficial. A drywall installer must possess specific skills, including mathematics aptitude and manual dexterity, and should be physically fit and have good eyesight and balance.
Most drywall installers, ceiling tile installers and tapers learn their trade on the job by helping and working for drywall contractors who are experienced workers. During training, the apprentice initially learns the basics of construction related to building code requirements, construction safety practices, carpentry and blueprint reading, and mathematics. Your first drywall work will be in less visible areas such as closets. Requirements for drywall installer apprenticeship programs vary across Canada. In most provinces and territories, a high school diploma and construction experience are needed to become a drywall installer. Some offer training to allow high school students to work towards a career as a Drywall Installer and related professions.

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