Foil Tape

What You Should Know About Foil Tape

What is Foil Tape, Exactly? Foil tape is usually made from aluminum, but it can also contain glass or be made from lead, copper, tin plating, and steel. It has many benefits since the substance can adhere to many different types of surfaces, and thus has many different applications across industries and projects. When to […]

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Foam Board

The Installation of Foam Board Insulation on Interior Walls

Foam board insulation with your own hands is quite time-consuming, but it’s relatively simple. A lot of work is carried out without resorting to the services of professionals. Still, the process itself should be carefully prepared: you will have to select high-quality building materials and tools, work out the technology and explore all the nuances. […]

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dry wall

What Does a DryWall Installer Do?

Who is a Drywall Installer? A Drywall installer is also called a drywall framer or drywall hanger. A drywall installer is a construction expert who measures, marks, and cuts drywall pieces according to design plans and install to fit ceilings and interior walls of buildings. Drywall, made with heavy material consisting of two layers of […]

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Dry wall

Taping Outside Corners (Of a DryWall)

TAPPING OUTSIDE CORNERS ( OF A DRYWALL) Taping outside corners of drywall often requires corner bead and three coats of compound, but they are more accessible and straightforward to tape than inside corners. Outside corners tend to break or crack more quickly, so supporting them with a metal corner bead is essential. The corner bead […]

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How to tape drywall like a Pro

HOW TO TAPE DRYWALL LIKE A PRO Drywall is a construction material often used to create modern walls and ceilings using special drywall screws or nails. It’s also used to develop many architectural designs. Taping is a crucial stage in a drywalling process that must not be taken for granted to ensure perfectly smooth surfaces […]

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