About Us

Story About Us

Who we are:

Majha Constructions Inc is a constructions company specializing in Insulation, Boarding, and Taping in Manitoba, Canada.

Our story came about when we discovered a deficiency in the market, as only a few companies were focused on providing specialized insulation, boarding, and taping with the high-end, impeccable home and workspace requested by clients.

Majha Constructions’ creation led to better competitiveness in pricing among their niche of service in the constructions industry.

Majha Constructions Inc emerged, transforming homes and offices into elegance and returning listless spaces to vibrancy within our client’s budget.

We operate across residential, commercial, industrial properties, and we are available to revitalize your home with our outstanding renovating services.

We know that every client has a unique taste. We are flexible in our approach and amenable to our clients on their demands which is a significant part of why we are excited about this industry! We thrive on challenges and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Journey with us at Mahja constructions towards realizing your dream home and quality space.